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THE OUTSIDER ARGENTINA – When we were kids, we used to believe in many different things, that as grown-ups we stopped believing. However, we have TV shows like “Once Upon a Time”, which allow us to keep believing in fairy tales.

Freya Tingley portrays Wendy Darling in the TV show. But, unlike the traditional story of Peter Pan, Wendy went to Neverland, for the second time, to save Bealfire, a boy who saved her brother Michael for being taken by Peter Pan’s shadow. So she decided to go and save Bealfire, but she was kidnapped by a mean version of Peter Pan and forced to spend the days in a cage, until Emma, Regina, and the other characters saved her.

This year, Freya is going to appear on a Lifetime movie, called “The Choking Game”, based on the book “Choke”, in which a teenager flirts with disaster after being introduced to the “game” of intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain to get high.

She is going to portray Taryn, who is starting senior year when a charismatic new girl claims her as a “breath sister”.

In a conversation with The Outsider Argentina, Freya spoke about her moving from Australia to the United States, her character on Once Upon a Time and her newest movie “The Choking Game”.

How did you start acting?
I went to an acting class and loved it so much that from that day forth I decided to be an actor!

How was it like moving all the way from Australia to the United States?
I knew that I had to move to America because of the bigger amount opportunities and so it was a move I was eager and excited to make!

How did you get the opportunity of being part of “Once Upon a Time”?
I auditioned.

How is it like portraying such a popular character as Wendy Darling?
I never thought about Wendy being an iconic and popular character! I wanted to just bring the character to life in Once Upon a Time’s take on the character!

Despite the fact that Wendy’s story is different from the fairy tale “Peter Pan”, what do you think that will happen to your character?
No spoilers!!!

How was the experience of interpreting a deaf girl in “Beneath the Waves”, in which you had to learn sign language? Was it easy to learn or did that role mean a challenge for you?
They gave me a tape of a woman doing the sign language for my lines only! So I found it fairly simple to learn considering they don’t have the ‘ands’ and ‘buts’ and ‘its’ of the English language!

What do you like the most about acting?
I couldn’t pinpoint a particular thing about acting that I like the most as I believe that joy in any of the arts lies in the joy of creation!

Which would be your dream role?
I enjoy playing many different characters which differing personalities so I couldn’t pick one type of role!

Which are your projects for this year?
I will be playing the lead in a Lifetime movie called Choke!