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HOLLYWOOD IMMERSIVE – Last week Lilly Dawson caught up with Australian actress Freya Tingley, who’s just landed the role of Francine Valli in Clint Eastwood’s new movie Jersey Boys. Freya starred in the Netflix series Hemlock Grove and the soon to be released action thriller Swelter opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme.

How did you feel about transitioning to live in the US and the auditioning process over there?
I was totally ready – I was eager and determined! My first significant role was Hemlock Grove and the audition process was pretty simple – I went in for an audition and a week later I got a call back. I went to the call back, my tape was sent to the network executives and then 2 weeks later I found out I booked the role! I had set a goal to book a role by my 18th birthday and I signed the contract on my birthday.

Do you still get nervous in auditions and if so what do you do to beat those nerves?
I have been nervous in the past and how I got rid of the nerves involves the mental assertion that ‘I am this character’! As long as I am that required character I have no reason to be nervous.

What was it like being on Fashion Police and who is your favourite designer?
It was a very brief shoot, I had a stylist help provide me with options. I love Ellie Saab, Marchesa and Jenny Packham for red carpet dresses – they are feminine and elegant with beautiful flowing chiffon! I love Isabel Marant, Sandro and Maje for casual street style. Its so important to dress well as an actor, it’s part of being the best version of yourself, and the level at which you present yourself to others represents the respect you show to others.

Tell us about your new role starring in Clint Eastwood’s new movie? What is it like working with such a legend?
I play Francine Valli (Frankie Valli’s daughter) and I loved working with Clint! He’s a very calm relaxed guy with a great sense of humour and a young heart. He is one of the greatest contributors to the golden era of film in the 70′s which I am a huge fan of, so to be working with such a legend was extremely exciting.

If there was an ultimate role you could play what would it be?
I seek roles that have substance and are written as 3-dimensional, layered human beings, so in terms of the ultimate role, I wouldn’t say I have one as I enjoy the opportunity to play a multitude of characters.

Who is your role model and why?
I adore Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman – they are both actors who have performed a multitude of characters in films that have gone on to become classics. Their performances are just so exquisite and they have a lot of passion and love for their craft.

Freya was assisted by her mum Coppelia Tingley “The Actors Mentor”. Coppelia now helps other young actors starting out in Australia, transition to America.